About the Choir

85 years ago, back in 1934, a small choir was formed to sing at a Men’s Weekend Service at the Poynton Methodist Church. A visitor from Alderley Edge was so impressed that he invited them to sing at his church and the choir was born. It was originally called “Hockley Male Voice Choir “ as the church was then in the Hockley Chapel.

The first conductor was George Braddock who was followed by Ben Smith. In 1952 Stanley Hadfield took over the batten for twenty-eight years. Then from 1980, Tom Smith held the position for a short period before David Mosley was appointed in 1984, with his first concert celebrating the choir’s Golden Jubilee. Our present musical director Eileen Rigg joined us on David’s retirement and we welcomed her along with many new members who sang before with Hazel Grove MVC.

Over the years the choir has raised thousands of pounds in support of many charities and continues to do so. Members experience a friendly fellowship, providing for both their musical interest and socially with the many concerts and activities in a years programme.

Join Us

Anyone is welcome to join the choir and attend any of our rehearsals. These are held on Monday evenings from 7:30pm – 9:30pm at Poynton Methodist Church, Poynton, Cheshire.  No audition is required.  You can get more information from any choir member.  For a list of useful contacts, further information or should you wish to join, click here.