If you wish to contact Poynton Male Voice Choir, whether it is to get tickets, event or ticket information, details on joining or anything else that you wish to communicate with us please use the list below. These are members who you can contact with their positions in the choir.

Please note that the choir is not meeting for rehearsals or any other events during the current Coronovirus restrictions. We shall resume activities when these are relaxed.

Maurice Hargreaves President 0161 456 9506
Donald Sykes Chairman 0161 456 4266
Eileen Rigg Musical Director 01625 872948
(M: 07766405588)
Rob Ayerst Secretary 01625 829128
Dick Clark Treasurer 0161 483 7915
Derrol Waring Publicity Officer 01625 858595
Donald Sykes Contact for           Singing Waiters 0161 4564266